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ASHI NE and Brinks

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Most of you won't care, but since I said I'd do it, here it is:

I attended the ASHI NE meeting tonight where a fellow from Brinks came and spoke about burglary stats, alarm systems, and some of their components for about 35 minutes. He followed that up with a 10 minute description of Brinks' free alarm system inspections. He never made mention of the $15 kickback offer currently being promoted by at least one HI org. He didn't mention it because he was told we weren't interested in it and if he did speak about it, the presentation would end immediately.

Sorry we missed you Gerry,







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Come On Jim..........you just can't play nice can you?

I belong to both (you know what I mean) and I get something from each that helps me, otherwise I would not belong. Stop putting the org in front of the inspector, it is always the person who makes or breaks their own business, it is not a matter who they belong to.

I'm sure you don't agree with many things that your org does and I am no exception with either org that I belong to. They both do stuff that I think is stupid and wrong. It is all personal opinion. Remember the old saying "when they start calling you names,............you've won"





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My post related to the debate about the Brinks kickback plan and the way some groups promote it. Someone implied that the ASHI chapter I belong to was about to do the same thing and I said I'd listen and report back. I did.

I thought my clever little acronym was fair play because it's made up of the names Gerry called me last week. I appreciate you taking the time to think up some additional names, but I'd rather not stink up Mike's place with a direct reply. If you want to continue this discussion, the telephone or email would be more appropriate.

Thanks for the invite, but I'll pass on Syracuse,

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OK Jim, I actually PM'd Mike to let him know I was having some fun with my reply and to let me know if I crossed the line. I hope you were not offended. I figured that since we are ASHI brothers it is just like having fun with family. You know us elite inspectors have to keep our supernatural skills honed. I have edited my post to better suit your personality.

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I would like to take this time to offer my public apology to Jim Morrison for my original undedited post which called him a name with an acronym. For those of you who saw it, you will notice that it has been edited for several days. For those of you who did not, don't worry about it and you can chill your curiosity. Mr. Jim Morrison, I hope that my humor was not taken too harshly and I will have to prohibit myself from any further impulse typing. Apparently you are a professional just as I am and I must have crossed the line. For that I am sorry.

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