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Fiber cement panel system


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New to me, anyway, at residential construction: fiber-cement panel system with plastic drainage-plane spacer material and plastic spacers between the panels. Each panels is about 2x4', attached to the underlying sheathing with six screws, with house wrap above the sheathing and a Brillo-pad like material with vertical channels creating a drainage plane.

Can anyone identify the system, so I can run down the manufacturer's installation instructions?

Also, it seems to me that the gaps in the spacers between panels are an invitation to insect entry and nesting. Is anyone aware of such a problem?

Any other comments on this system, or inspecting it?


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Wow, thats ugly on a residential building. It looks unfinished, like someone needs to come back and install the siding.

It could be the James Hardie Commercial HardiePanel system. There's an "expressed seam" method of installation that looks similar or it could be their brand new commercial panel system that has a 1/2" reveal between panels.

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I worked on a project a few years ago that used Swiss Pearl siding. It looked similar to the stuff on your building but it didn't use the mesh behind the siding -- just plain rainscreen construction.

They used exposed fasteners as in your picture, but Swiss Pearl can be installed with concealed fasteners as well.

It's a rather expensive, high-end product.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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