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Weep screeds in stucco?


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Hi Dave,

Cantilivered walls are supposed to have a casing bead with weep holes. The wall sheathing should extend a minimum of 3/4 inch below the framing, your water resistant barrier (2 layers grade D paper)extends the full length of the sheathing and is behind your casing bead, sefl-furring lath is applied and overlaps the casing bead and then stucco is applied.



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Speaking of weep screeds.I don't remember seeing this application before and today I saw it twice.The picture is a garage door header.You can see part of the weep screed installed right on top of the 2x.This is a new home the other house was 4 years old both done the same way.Typically the stucco would wrap the opening or there would be vinyl or some other type nail on siding in this area.

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif Blocked weep screed0002.jpg

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Mike said "It's close to right. It needs a head flashing, a slight taper on top of that trimmer and a little bit of clearance (about 3/8 inch) from the bottom of the casing bead to the head flashing."

We are thinking on the same page.I mentioned the lack of Z flashing and the clearance.Also mentioned the way stucco is stopped on walls at roofline as a good example of how it should have been done.

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uh, that book's a hundred dollars. I have to do some odds figurin here. 12 stucco homes in my area of four hundred thousand, someone has to sell or buy a stucco home. They have to hire a home inspector. They have to somehow find my name even though I'm not yet in the phone book. They have to feel confident enough to hire a guy that's done 8 home inspections total, and they have to get past the fact that I gasped when I heard it was stucco.

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I've been running into some UGLY stucco installations lately, I finally broke down and enlisted my name with Imasco Mineral and the Alberta Wall & Ceiling Bureau.

They contact me whenever they have a seminar or presentation about stucco. Although I'm a retiring contractor I find it informative, escecially in talking to the 'old' applicators that don't care in giving out their secrets.

Last year, they announced a revision to their book and I bought immediately.

Mike, I suspect the information is a compilation of the North American standards that have been adapted for Canadian climates


Check out my favorite quote, it may change your mind about spending the money.[8D]

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