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Searching an AHJ Inspector in Jacksonville, Fl


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We’re a German electrical contractor and panel builder. Together with a machine builder we will realize a project in Jacksonville within the next two years. During our preparations for the project we evaluated that its necessary to make an AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) inspection.

By surfing the WWW I found this forum and I like you to ask a few Questions:

1. How can I find the right Inspector in that region?

2. Does an AHJ inspector normally is familiar with electrical things?

3. Is it possible to get an appointment with an AHJ Inspector in Jacksonville?

We’re planning a visit in Week 29 in Jacksonville. It would be great to have an appointment with somebody for example on Wednesday, 14th of July or on Thursday, 15th of July in Jacksonville.

It would be great if somebody can pass me some contact informations.

We want to realize the project together with a contractor in Jacksonville. In this case we only send a man for supervising and we will work with a company in Jacksonville together which also has the contractor license. Could somebody be so kind and give me the a few contacts to companies which are able to do the work in a big food plant and which are also have the contractor license?

Thank you very much for your help,

Markus Woehl


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Hi All,

My step-brother is a contractor in Florida and I think he recently moved to that area, so I put in a call to see if he could get me some answers for this fellow. He might be more help than we are, since my step-mother is Swiss and I think he speaks fluent German. (I know my step-sister does, but Tom might have forgotten. I used to, but I'm waaay out of practice.)

By the way, didn't I just recently read somewhere that the electrical and building codes are posted someplace on the internet in Florida? Does anyone know about this? Mark perhaps?



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Mr. Woehl,

I work for an engineering firm in Nebraska, and each state has their own way they do things.

In Nebraska, it is required for the firm to submit their prints to the local authorities before a building permit is ever issued. They will review the prints and make comments and return them to you, sometimes asking (demanding) certain changes, other times simply asking for clarification. It is very rare that a set of prints gets approved with no red lines (corrections). They usually find something they don't like.

Often, if you show a willingness to comply (instead of fighting them) they are more inclined to have some leniency. If you make them mad, you will never ever see the light of day, and alles kaput.

The previous replies will also be helpfull to you.



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