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Hi All,

Do some clients ever try to get you to tell them what it's going to cost to do remodeling projects and ask you whether such projects are worth the investment or not?

Of course they do and, like me, you probably tell them that they'll need to do their own homework in that department because you're not in the remodeling business, you're a home inspector and you prefer to focus on inspections versus all of the stuff related to remodeling. It doesn't make them happy but it's an answer.

Well, every year Hanley-Wood's Remodeling magazine produces a cost versus value report that is exactly what this type of a client needs. The next time a client tries to sidetrack you with this type of a question, just say this, "Five words - cost versus value dot com."

They'll be able to research data for their region on their own at their leisure and then decide whether the cost of the project will be worth the return on the investment.

Check it out at: http://www.costvsvalue.com



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