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Siding Question

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I inspected a 1985 Contemporary ranch house and there was imitation vertical wood siding installed. I have never seen this material before and need some help in identification. I don't have any photos but the material is a pressed fiberboard product with stamped graining. It appears to be pre-finished. Some of the edges are deteriorating and I was wondering if this product was involved in class action litigation like the claboard materials.

Lastly, if anyone has good CYA boilerplate about this issue, sharing would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Hi Steven,

I'm on my way out the door, so I don't have time to elaborate. Do a google search for Louisiana-Pacific "Innerseal" siding and for Weyerhaeuser siding. Both have panel products like this. So didn't Omni-Wood, Semtex and others - just about all of which were involved in some type of class action.

Did you happen to take a picture of it? If so, post it here and I'll try and get back to you tonight with an answer based on grain pattern.



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Here is what I wrote-report will be sent tomorrow. Critique is welcomed.

Imitation wood composite siding is fair in general. There are a few damages and blemishes. Some of the edges are deteriorated, especially along the bottoms where they are exposed to constant moisture (adjacent to the rear entry platform and along the right side where the siding is close to the soil). There may be additional concealed damage. The specific manufacturer of the material was not determined as part of this inspection. It is important to note that there have been numerous claims regarding the failure of composite siding products. We recommend that a qualified siding contactor/expert be consulted about this home to determine if there are any class action cases specific to this siding and what are the costs involved with replacement. The cost of siding replacement should be anticipated in the near future.

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