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Structure Narrative

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"At the base of the deck, the concrete footers are in poor condition. Several are the wrong thickness, and several are simply missing. Footers need to be a minimum of 36" deep,

putting them below the frost line to avoid any shifting or movement. Have the current posts removed and replaced, and proper footers installed prior to using deck. "

Katenize me.......please

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Here you go:

Observation: Probing revealed that the concrete footings beneath the deck posts are shallow in depth.

Analysis: In my opinion, shallow footings do not conform with generally acceptable building practice as the footings should be below the frost level to prevent uplift and lateral movement. Repair is needed.

Recommendation: I advise that you ask a licensed and insured contractor to provide a repair cost estimate NOW, in order to determine the impact on your budget.

Bob Mulloy



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Way too inspectorized on the OAR method........I use OAR all the time to focus my thoughts, but writing that way; makes it sound like I'm a robot or something.

"The rear deck footings are unsatisfactory. Footings are missing, not level, or are not deep enough which can cause movement and settlement from frost heave. Have a contractor tell you what it will cost to correctly install new footings under the deck."

Can't speak for anyone else's customers, but my customers don't want to know all the stuff we think is important. In most cases, just telling them it's wrong and to have it fixed works better. Heck, I tell folks there's no footings, tell them exactly what a footing is, and then they immediately ask "what's a footing?".......

Yes, I know, we are supposed to tell them why it's wrong, but that's way over the heads of almost everyone.

Not Katen, but simple is good.

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Instead of stating that the footer does not exist I note that I am unable to verify it existence.

As a builder, I use to have the excavator set the sauna tubes during the foundation phase of the home. By the time the final grading was done the footing was well below grade. An inspector would not be able to hit it with one of those short probes that is typically used.

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