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Multiple Vent Terminations

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I have always operated under the premises "if it stinks, it's probably rotten." This looks problematic to me. My gut tells me that these two vent terminations will interfere with each other.

They serve 2 different factory built fireplaces, one of which now has gas logs installed. I can find nothing in the materials I have or any code reference that addresses this but I keep thinking one may interfere with the draft from the other. If it were just smoke the problem would be apparent but we are dealing with a gas appliance as well. Of course the installation manual was not present.


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This came up on the ASHI board in years past several times. Michael Casey, whose opinions I respect immensely in matters of mechanical systems, indicated that there is no problem w/ this sort of flue arrangement. At that time, he cited a number of references that I have since lost or forgotten; since it was his opine, I take it at face value. Casey said it's OK, it must be OK.

You are operating under the impression that it stinks; maybe it doesn't. You have not been able to find any documentation stating it is unsatisfactory, so the prevailing evidence is that it is OK, no?

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