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Hit cinder blocks while digging drainage trench

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I'm a homeowner in central ohio and was digging some drainage trenches to install french drains and get water from my back yard into a front ditch.

About 30 feet from the street and 40-50 feet from my house, along a treeline, I was only about 8-12 deep when I hit something hard. I've been fighting with tree roots and rocks, but was surprised as I continued to excavate the object when I realized that it was a cinder block.

Does anyone have any idea why I would encounter a cinder block in my yard? I stopped right where I was, not knowing what it was (or was part of) I didn't want to damage it.

I'm told that our neighborhood was farmland in the 70's and that there's a lot of old farm drainage (neighbors call them "tiles") underground....but I don't know why a cinderblock would be used for drainage...retention maybe...but not drainage. But, this is my first drainage project, so I appreciate assistance.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what I've encountered and whether its safe to dig this block out and continue with my french drain installation?

I appreciate any advice!



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Not enough information.

The only insight I can give you is that 1) construction crews often bury junk underground because it's easier than hauling it off to the dump, and 2) in the 70's many builders were blissfully ignorant of drainage issues. I'm currently in the process of re-grading around my own 1970's house.

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