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Here It Is For You Gadget Addicts

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For those of you who like new tech toys, this might just be the ultimate new gizmo - a mini LED projector that's the size of a cell phone that can be set up anywhere in minutes and can project a 50-inch image.


Now, if it were possible to wear a cigarette video camera while inspecting, and stream those images to a laptop coupled to one of these, the clients could sit down in the house and relax while they watched you work. They could see the roof, the attic, and everything that you see.

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Check out qik.com . It install on most cell phones and creates a live feed of what your phone camera can see to qik.com. It is also saved so people can watch it later. I've used it a few times at conferences, the quality isn't too bad. You just would have to find a good way to strap it to your head :D

I've been tempted to pick up this projector: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6824219064 . I hadn't seen the 3M. Now I need to find a comparison on the two! Thanks!

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I agree, Kurt.

I come here for professional advice, maybe some enjoyment, and to learn.

These constant tempations from the O are feeding my addictive personality.

This is quickly becoming an unhealthy place to hang. . .

He gets out the white-out and removes R. Navarro from his alternative call list for when he's too booked...
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