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Multimeter with transmitter


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If all you're checking for is resistance and continuity check automotive tool categories. I have rigs from Fluke and Fox that'll work for that. Feret makes one too. (all F companies) The question is why? And what does it prove? You can't check anything important with a radio rig.. and if there's a short it'll still show continuity on the circuit you're testing even though the breaker would blow the second the circuit's energized. You'd have to cross check every combination to be confident that things were OK and that'd still leave load capacity as an unknown.

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The reasoning is not to check exsisting working/non working circuits, but new wiring. New wiring that is not live, that we need to trace which wire is which, from one location, to another. These wires are not labeled, and instead of running a traveler wire from point a to b, I am looking for a transmitter to beep/flash to tell me which wire I hit. I would prefer using a standard multimeter with the add on capability of a transmitter, but have had some trouble locating one other than a telecomunications hand held transmitter/receiver. It did have aligator clips to be universal along with a rj11 and rj45 terminals with the unit. However, instead of having mutliple devices I would like to stick with just a multimeter with a transmitter if possible. Any suggestions or recomendations, please reply.

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