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sump discharge options

John Dirks Jr

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Have you ever seen sump discharge pipes plumbed into the public sanitary sewer? What might code issues be if any?

What about plumbing it to the curb gutter at the street? Any known code issues there?

I'm working with a client about a potentially over active sump pump. I'm exploring all the regular ways to reduce activity by managing site drainage and such. I was wondering how different discharge options might help?

The direction to the street is slightly up hill so that's not the best choice for destination.

The rear yard may have a standing water problem periodically but at least it is slightly down hill slightly from the house.

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In my area we can not connect any drain water lines including sumps to the sanitary sewer. They must discharge in your yard and the runoff must not flow to your neighbors yard/property. We can connect to the storm sewer or to the gutter at the street with a permit. They do have a caveat in the regulation; if the sump water contains anything else other than groundwater then it can with a special permit be connected to the sanitary sewer system, but this also requires that a grinder pump must be installed.

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Generally speaking, municipalities and sewer authorities forbid pumping sump discharge into the sanitary system. They want to avoid flooding the sewer plant as well as paying to treat groundwater. I'd check with the local municipality on any regs regarding discharge to streets, sidewalks and the homeowner's own property. As previously noted, the neighbor won't be too happy if you make your problem his.

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