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will it make the report

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Wow, what a coincidence - I'm doing a report from an inspection I did yesterday and just took a break to check in here. I had just decided to leave some things out of the report. I seldom do that.

The report I'm working on isn't typical though. The buyers weren't there, so I took more pictures and voice notes than I normally do, plus, some of the things I'm leaving out are on the exterior, and the property is a condo.

Like I said, I seldom leave things out that I took a picture of or made a voice note of. Sometimes I might think about it, but almost always end up putting it in, figuring that if I thought it was important enough at the inspection, I shouldn't be second guessing about later. Just as important, it would almost always be something I mentioned to the buyer. I try to include in the report every issue I mention verbally.

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