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Lucky me!!!

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I inspected house about six weeks ago and I saw an old Merecedes Benz in the garage. I commented to the seller that I thought it was a cool old car and she told me that her parents gave it to her about ten years ago and she hardly ever drove it. She just kept it because it meant a lot to her. I continued with my inspection without another thought of the car.

Yesterday I got a call at my office and it was the same woman. She told me that she remembered my comments and she asked me if I wanted to buy the car because she was moving into a city and she did not have anywhere to park it.

It is a dark green 1971 Merecedes Model 250 with 55,000 original miles on it. It runs perfectly and she had it garaged and serviced regularly. It was never driven in snow or bad weather because she was worried about the salt. She has all of the original paperwork and complete maintenance records. It is in perfrect condition without any rust or dents.

I asked her how much she wanted to sell it for and she told me that it was more important to her that someone enjoy the car and take care of it then the money.

I bought the car at a great price and it is now in my garage. I can't wait to register it as an antique and drive it on Sundays.

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Great steal Steven,

I think it would be only right if you donated it to Monster Garage and see what Jesse James and the gang could do with it.

Watched them turn a Rolls Royce into a potty pumper a few weeks ago!

It was amazing how such an expensive vehicle was so fragile.

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