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New meaning to a HOT shower!

Ben H

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Funny you should mention that,

It reminded me that I've had four different houses in the past year or so where one or more of the the ducts under the house was full of water.

In one, the homeowner said that he'd had a pipe burst in an exterior wall under the kitchen sink in 2003, right after he bought the house! The duct for the toe kick heat comes up to that floor and stops right there - the register is secured to the toe-kick and the cavity below that cabinet fills with air before it's forced out of the register - all that water drained into the crawl and a bunch went into the ductwork. He had a guy come in and clean up the kitchen - hell they even replaced the hardwood floors - but nobody ever bothered to check the ducts.

Jeez, there was about 50 gallons of water in those ducts. The weight of the water had them sagging and stretched to the max and they were just resting on the floor of the crawlspace full of water for all those years. I can just imagine what that stagnant water must have smelled like when they finally pumped those ducts out and replaced them after six years.



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