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toilet plumbing


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Gee Phillip,

It's becoming clear to me that going to another part of the country to inspect homes for a bit may qualify as a vacation for you?

It would indeed.

Banked owned buyer getting a good deal as he says.

Fungus going on the walls from what he was told that the water heater leaked and cause the problem and they had the water heater replace.

The thing is the water heater is a 1996 model and a lot of rust in the burn chamber and the vent pipe is disconnected in the attic.

The buyer has been watching some of these fix them up shows and was going to repair it his self.

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And on top of that he thought he would be getting an $8,000.00 check.

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It looks like the toilet supply is now connected to the hot water. That is a common way to keep toilets from condensing and sweating.

The hot and cold water is reversed in the bathroom. That may be the reason they changed the plumbing for the toilet.

under the sink they had rerouted the plastic hook up lines. The tub was still reversed.

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