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Isolated extreme deterioration


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This laminated asphalt shingle roof is about a year old. Overall, the surface looks normal, but there are more granules in the gutter than you would typically see after the first year. Occurring in random places, there are about a half-dozen tabs that are completely shot.

Has anyone seen anything like this? It's obviously a manufacturing defect. I don't know the manufacturer. I'm not sure what to recommend, other than to get a manufacturer's rep out to look at it. Although now the damage is very isolated, I'm guessing the rest of roof is a ticking time bomb.

I've got some time on this, because the inspection isn't until next Friday. I went yesterday to do the exterior because with this snowstorm that's just ending, it would almost certainly still be snow covered next week.

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That's a splice shingle. My understanding is that during the production run that was the shingle that bridged the end and start of the roll.

I'll see one or two maybe even three on a roof sometimes. The roofer is supposed to throw those away.

Chris, Oregon

I agree with Chris, it is a splice shingle. I have seen a few.

I had some on one house that the realtor called and complained why I was reporting that the shingles where damage, the inspector which is one of the realtors friend type did not report them when he did an inspection there three weeks before.

Of course you could not see them from the ground.

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