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I am working on an article to go in the Realtor newsletter in my area.

I would like for you to take a look at it and suggest ways it could be improved.

I have also uploaded it.

Old Phrases, Home Sales and Inspections.

The other day I was reading some old word phrases and it can to me that in a way we used these in our line of work.

Here are some of them:

Home is where the heart is.

We all want to have the warm and fuzzes about the place we call home.

As a Realtor, you help people find a place to call home.

As an Inspector, I help people to understand things that need to be done to the house they wan to call home.

Knowledge is power.

This is one of the things that we want our children to understand. With the right knowledge they can go far in life.

You use your knowledge to help find your clients a home in the area they want to be, close to work, in the school they want and in a good neighborhood.

I invite each of my clients to come to the inspection where I can show them about the home that they are buying. This gives them the knowledge of how things work in their home they are buying. It shows them the items that should be repaired and items that they can improve for the safety of their families.

The American Dream is to own a home.

Yes we all want to live the dream. We all want a place to call our own.

This is what you do; you help your client to find their Dream.

The American Dream is to own a home, is part of my slogan. The other part is; Let us help you to make sure yours is sweet.

A good inspection will help to make sure the Dream is not a nightmare.

Being in the South and the Bible Belt we use a few phases that other areas don’t use as much as we do.

To error is human; to forgive is divine.

All of us being human have made mistakes in life and business; I know I have.

I have missed some thing in my inspections because of the limited time that I am there and because there are items that limits the view of an areas that I am looking at. I have worded my comments wrong on some areas.

I do my best to not to let these things happen but I am only human.

And now for the main one my Mommy did her best to teach me to live by: The Golden Rule.

Do unto others, as you want them to do unto you.

I do my inspections, as I would want inspection to be done for my children, grandchildren and my mother who did her best to raise me as a good man and person.

So in our business, Home Sales and Inspections, we should work hard for our clients and do for them, as we would want things done for us.

These are a few of the word phases that I think I use in my life and business.

What are some of yours?


Phillip R. Smith, Sr.

Alabama License Number HI-0445

Home Sweet Home Inspections

P. O. Box 99 Samantha AL. 35482

Office #: 205 – 333 – 0102

Email: hshinspections@bellsouth.net


Thanks for your help.

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