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Where did the manufactured housing info go?

Ben H

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I did a search and found several post pointing people to the resource of "Manufactured Homes installation standards" but I can't find it... [:-banghea

Also, I've got a lender calling for a foundation inspection on a "mobile home". What's the deal here, forclosure? I 've never done one and was hoping for a few pointers. I do not know if it has a HUD data plate or not, I'll have more info about the structure tomorrow.

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That's stuff is in TIJ's library where it's always been. Go to the menu bar above and pass your cursor over "Library" to get the sub-menu to display. Choose "File Downloads" and then scroll way down the list of pubs there until you find all of the HUD manufactured housing documents.



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In these parts, the FHA requires that the foundation inspection be completed by a registered civil or structural engineer. There's a few engineering companies such as Hayman Residential Engineering that send out inspectors to take certain photos and make certain observations which are reported online to the company headquarters where engineers make the decision as to whether it is HUD compliant or not. The engineer is not permitted to complete the final inspection. That inspection must be done by FHA fee inspectors. Any licensed or certified home inspector can apply to the FHA for Fee Inspector status.


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