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I splurged yesterday and bought the Nikon D300s. It's a great camera and clocks in at 12.3 megapixel. The manual is over 400 pages so I'll have a bit of reading to do. The wife and I are going to the DuPont forest, in May, for hiking and photography so this will be a welcome addition to the kit.

For those that enjoy photography, and are Nikon users (or not), this web site -Nikonians- is a great resource. Besides technical help from some very knowledgeable folks there are forums like, Sports, Landscapes, Wildlife and Macro where users can post their pictures. It's a good way to kill a few hours just looking at some of their artwork.

Edit: This is a perfect example.

You can picture crawling out of a sleeping bag, getting some hot coffee going and looking at this in Yosemite National Park.

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D300 is a great camera-congratulation’s. My brother uses a D3 (he a pro in NYC) and lent it to me a couple of years ago. I liked it so much I decided to buy a Nikon. I ended up getting a Nikon D90 which I love. I even use it on most inspections which is kind of crazy but I can’t help myself. When I use my smaller and cheaper digital cameras I get frustrated by the slower shutter and focusing speeds that I end up going to the car and using the D90. It so damm fast focusing and snapping photos that when I use my other camera’s they feel like dinosaurs. Although I won't use it in crawlspace’s or rain. I use Olympus 770SW (waterproof and shockproof) or my Olympus 560UZ for those times. Nikonians is a great site that I’ve accessed for a few years now.

John C

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The D90 is a really nice camera as well although I'm not sure I'd take it on inspections. [;)] I feel your pain though, I use a Cannon PowerShot on inspections and most of the time I feel like throwing it off the roof. It takes forever to take a shot in automatic mode (I'm not about to use manual mode on a HI). It's got a great zoom though which is the reason I bought it, that and I could care less what happens to it.

I bought the D70s back in 2006 so it was time to upgrade. Looking forward to stretching its legs as it were. Now all I need are the funds to buy a nice 500mm lens, sure...

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