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  1. Did the discoloring wipe off? There is evidence of some sort of liquid product that was applied to a area of the ceiling and on top of the vent pipe. The pipe that does not show any signs of discoloration could have been replaced.
  2. It Looks like Hardy Panel.
  3. Jim, It appears to be a 4 wire feed. According to your post the grounded conductors should be isolated from the enclosure and grounding conductors. Lee
  4. Some insight on residential fire sprinklers. When the system is inspected in the combo phase by the AHJ, a pump is connected to the inspectors test valve to back fill and pressurize the system up to two and a half times the system pressure to check for leaks. At final, the system is flowed to check the flow switch and alarm. If the city supply is less then what shows on the sprinkler system gauge, the added pressure is most probably from building or attic heat. In colder climates the pipes for the sprinkler system could be charged with an anti-freeze mixture. The mixture should be checked for proper concentration annually. Some sprinkler flow alarms are interconnected with the smoke detectors and will set off all the smoke alarms. The water provider should require the back flow prevention valve to be certified (tested) each year. The inspection points that an HI should observe would be; The valves that control the the sprinkler system are open. That there are no leaking sprinkler heads. The branch circuit that powers the flow alarm is on. I would recommend that a Fire Sprinkler Co. do an annual inspection and that the Back Flow valve be certified. Lee
  5. An Item that you can use for both tanked & tankless water heaters is a Chili Pepper pump. http://www.chilipepperapp.com/howit.htm . Space saving, endless hot water (Think lots of people) are major advantages to a tankless heater along with energy savings of not having to maintain a tank full of hot water. But the cost of the heater, Branch circuit / Panel upgrade or gas piping up sizing, flue venting change and water treatment for water with a total hardness greater than 12 grains can be very high and should be included in a comparison of Price Vs. Value. Some other things to take into consideration would be, No Power No Hot Water, No Power No Freeze Protection and no Emergency Water Storage. Lee
  6. I was asking about the conductor that is landed at the bottom of the ground buss. The 4 in B4U Close points at it.
  7. Is that a neutral conductor or a GEC that is blown apart in the bottom right of the panel? If it is a neutral conductor from the heat pump would the higher resistance on the left line created a load imbalance that would have over loaded a down sized neutral? If it is a GEC, a voltage surge?
  8. LeePlace

    A Flip

    Inspected a flip today. No disclosure of covered up defects. No AHJ inspections. "There is nothing wrong with this house". Many more problems then the attached pictures. For Your Consideration. Click to Enlarge 13.29 KB Tub was removed, valves stayed in place, caulking is already missing Click to Enlarge 16.75 KB Click to Enlarge 40.69 KB
  9. I do not see a bonding jumper from the grounding bar to the panel enclosure. I do see two types of NM Cable that are from different eras and I do not remember yellow jacket prior to mid 90s. Also there are two type of OCPDs and wire management styles. I feel that it would be a stretch for you to think that the inspection in 1988 covered all that you see in the panel. Also do not assume that all the other work (stairs, door) were signed off as well. When was the house built? Lee
  10. Rob, With all the vents in the area of the cupping shingles, is there a cathedral ceiling underneath it? Lee
  11. What size was the missing KO seal? I have had seller argue with me that they are needed till I tell them that it is a code requirement.
  12. Sherri, You said that the water co came out to work on the problem. I think they changed your meter or metering module with in it. Some times when the valve on the city side of the meter does not shut off all the way, they relive the pressure by opening a fire hydrant so that the work can be done "Hot" or with water flowing (This is realy Cold). Take a picture of the meter now and send it to us. Also read the meter and record the serial number. They do have to record any work the do. Lee
  13. Kurt, How would you write this up in an inspection report? Lee
  14. The Bell end is missing from the tee inlet (that would have been cut off). There is no point after the bell that a no hub band connection could be made or any other code approved connection could be made. The cast Iron fitting looks like it could be a cleanout tee which would have been located there at the floor. Recomend a plumber for evaluation of drainage loads, venting and piping design. Lee
  15. Denny, The pictures show a lot of evidence of work other than panel replacements. The meter main has a chase nipple out the back that contains branch wiring and the feeder for the 2nd panel. I think that the new panel was placed over an existing panel and that the and that existing panel is a conceled juntion box. I think that I see old braided NM entering through the chase nipple along with newer plastic sheathed NM (rewired house?). Is there a 3 wire circuit entering the panel behind the breaker for the sub panel? The sub panel looks as if it also has new wiring in it and I belive that a rewire would require AFCI. Most flips are lipstick on a pig and since most inspectors don't check permits on file with the AHJ, I hope that you recomended that the buyer visit the building department. Lee
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