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  1. I made my own, using microsoft word I made a large detailed template for narratives and pics and then added hundreds and hundreds of text fill boxes and drop down lists of pre written narratives, it took me a very very long time to create the whole thing but it didn't cost me anything.
  2. My residential reports are guaranteed within 24 hours of the end of the inspection (but I usually get them there that evening after the inspection)
  3. I am a home inspector for about two years now in the Saint Louis area. One thing I have had a very difficult time with while trying to constantly become a better inspector is estimating the age of the roof shingles, and it seems to be one of the most common questions I get. I can obviously tell when shingles are at or near the end of their useful life and I can also tell when they are less than six months old or so but everywhere in the middle is very hard for me to be sure and I often try to guess if my client really wants to know (while also notifying them that I can in no way be cer
  4. Thanks for the assurance by the way I thought I was right I just wanted to be sure, I always wonder about that tinned copper cause I have never seen it and I don't want to mistake it for aluminum.
  5. Well I have seen aluminum a couple of times on the entire home (been inspecting for just slightly over two years now) and I have a narrative I put in there for that to use all the proper connections and have it inspected every year by an electrician, but in this case these circuits only go to DIY electrical work in strapping (without finished walls in the basement) and I am going to recommend it be entirely removed and properly installed with permits by a licensed electrician.
  6. Inspected a home today and I think it might have aluminum branch wiring but I am not 100% sure. The reason I am not positive is because the vast majority of the box is obviously copper but there are a select few breakers that look aluminum (however I know they make coated wiring that kind of looks aluminum even though it isn't) and because the diameter still looks 14 gauge and not 12 gauge but I only eyeballed it. This home had a lot of shoddy DIY work and I am thinking he added aluminum wiring to the bottom of the box for an addition in the basement and I just want to be sure it's not
  7. Thanks for the link, I am always looking for places to expand my knowledge.
  8. Thanks I don't need any CE credits but I am relatively new to the inspection industry and Im always looking for places to expand my knowledge.
  9. AL along with a few other online promoters have started calling me relentlessly, I have told them several times to stop calling with no effect, at this point I can recognize their numbers and simply not answer. If you have to work that hard to get customers what your selling probably isn't worth what youre charging.
  10. I would be so afraid the seal on that plastic would break
  11. I've only been inspecting for about a year and a half but I saw this large antennae in the attic, it looks much newer than anything else in the attic and I can't think of anything it could be hurting I was just wondering if an antennae would properly work in an attic, if so why doesn't every antennae go there? Click to Enlarge 37.54 KB
  12. where I live that is not code but even if it is a code requiring a fan there even if there is a window it shouldn't apply to you unless it's new construction.
  13. Can they even be "seen" I was always under the impression they were very very small and were usually discovered only after symptoms.
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