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  1. Well, I'm sure I'll offend someone here, but - I've been doing this a long time. There is only one franchise I've ever ran across that seems to have competent HI's, that's Pillar to Post. Other than them, I can't think of a single inspector from a franchise that I have ever met that was worth a crap. HouseMasters is the worst. The best marketing, LOUSY inspectors. www.ableinspector.com Home Inspections Naples, Fort Myers FL
  2. As many of you already know, reciprical links between web sites helps your standing in the search engines. If you are interested in trading links with other web sites, post it here so we can all trade links together. In your post, include your link info including how you want your link to read. To be fair, you link page must be accessible directly from your home page, and it must be indexed by the major search engines. My web site is www.ableinspector.com. My links page is www.ableinspector.com/links If you would like to trade links with my page please use this info. When you are done, email me and I will place a reciprocal link on my page. Anchor text: Home Inspection Fort Myers, Naples, Cape Coral Florida Description: Home Inspections in SW Florida. Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Marco Island Home Inspector. URL: www.ableinspector.com Trading links is an easy was for all of us to help each other.
  3. I did mine in MS Publisher. I defy you to tell it was done by a HI. It is 100% professional. Of course I looked at several professional pamphlets from HI's to Realtors and "borrowed" several ideas for the graphic portions. Once you do that, it's pretty easy to do the layout.
  4. Or just call Dell. They'll build it for you and you have none of the hassel, plus 24 hour tech support.
  5. I see a potentially big problem no one has mentioned yet. You are allowing your report to be given to someone that you have never met, and with whom you do not have a pre inspection contract with. See where I'm heading? This person is using your report to buy this home, again - with your permission - with no scope of the inspection, limits of liability, etc. You "may" be entering into a situation with unlimited liability for a reduced inspection fee. That doesn't sound very appealing to me.
  6. One thing that hasn't been discussed much is the marketing aspect. I know it was mentioned briefly, but it seems to me that using IR would really help the word of mouth marketing, eh? www.ableinspector.com
  7. NACHI will never get any respect as long as their membership requirments are so rediculously easy, and as long as Nicky boy remains at the helm. His arrogance is just intolerable.
  8. Personal assaults is all NACHI has. You certainly can't say the credential means anything. Go to the NACHI chat board. There is nothing but ASHI insults everywhere. NACHI will never get any respect as long as their entrance requirements are so rediculously easy.
  9. Good find. That's a heckuva shock hazard.
  10. Thanks, a free link is always good
  11. The test is an absolute joke. I took the one on their web site, not the one linked from this page. The test is the exact reason I have NO RESPECT for NACHI or their members. Make them pass the NHIE and they will earn my respect. My score btw, I got a 118 out of 120 while watching TV. The two I missed were poorly written and I couldn't understand them. Nick Gromicko needs to loose the arrogance and improve the test IMHO. www.ableinspector.com
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