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  1. Hausdok, Did you call your local permit or code office?
  2. Fine example of why caulk is sold by the case and aluminum coil stock is in 50 ft rolls. mjr6550, Does Lansdale require permits for door and window replacement??
  3. That's funny in an ironic sort of way. Isn't most inspection agreements/contracts used by HIs as much about what they are not doing as what they are doing for the inspection. Also, the overriding desire for the HI contract to limit the liability of the HI. Would have been interesting to hear how the discussion went in the early drafting of the ASHI sop. Quite sure there was a lot of discussion about liability in one form or another; and possibility how to write something that would be the most minimalist and generalist at the same time. I doubt that any of the other SOPs that followed ASHI's would not have been considered plagiarism if turned in as a collage English paper. Do not think any SOP cited a ASHI as their source or basis of construction. Then again the ASHI sop creators would not have thought that so many would use the ASHI SOP as their own SOP, changed the wording a little and phrasing a little, but pretty much a carbon copy.
  4. Readindg may be a challenge sinse SOP is more about what HI is not responsible for. More about diminishing liability.
  5. If you are describing the ductwork that houses the coil was fabricated wrong or the new coil does not fit into the ductwork it should be replaced. No taped up seam to cover void. Fabricate sheet metal to correct gap and seal is also a possibility.
  6. Pole Barns built here all the time. Some will poor a slab floor
  7. the circle of life... Then you could look at the house as ecco friendly
  8. Can not see a reason that you wouldn't let the new buyer know of your previous contact regarding the property. Also, even though you are being asked about the foundation why would you not look at the siding and give an opinion. Then there is the question about Washington real estate disclosure requirements. If the seller is made aware of a problem via an inspection report are they obligated to disclose it. Could be that the buyer is already planning to replace the siding but is not sure about the foundation. And like Scott I would also be curious why you would be kicked off site.
  9. Tim, Aaaaaaaaah blind faith in its output. Sorry, live and learn. When get your beasty back you may want to check the sine wave that is being generated before using any electronics. You will need an oscilloscope. Something like an ARM NANO DSO201 Digital Storage Oscilloscope(low cost).
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