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  1. What is this?

    We had one for a Moonraker directional beam CB antenna. Lil bigger, but same kind of beast. Yeah, I remember the Anthem playing start and end of day. Kinda miss that....
  2. Lint Trap

    Sounds like my old one. 90 to an riser... 9 feet, then 21 feet to the exterior. Moisture and lint built up, rotted a connection, and damaged a ceiling. I replaced it with a 90 down 2 feet, and 15 feet out... Towels took 70 minutes to dry previously. Now, 30.
  3. Well, it looks to me to be a perimeter wall, being as there is a sliding door and an exterior deck there. Deck is parallel to the exterior, so I'm wondering if that discrepancy is noticeable from the outside? Guessing the deck is square, but appearing canted. Grew up with my dad, going through plans and buildings. Had a ridge beam on a vaulted ceiling installed with the top edge where the bottom should have been. Even WITH the blueprints, the GC told him he was wrong. Had to actually get him to climb a ladder, sight along the beam to the existing roof (room addition...), and explain that "minor" slope issue....
  4. That was my first thought. The roofer had to have conniptions if he was installing premade trusses. I wonder if he has a lil extra free overhang somewhere. I'm pretty sure it's a feature.....
  5. stepping back in

    I'm glad I found this forum. Been reading things here for several months and found that y'all are quite friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. It's a community, and THAT is a rare thing.
  6. Hi Jake, I'm just about there. Life got in the way and set me back about 4 months. Illness, moving, current job loading me up pretty heavy. I went the LLC route, got everything in order, and updated the SOI with the state regarding my new address. Almost there. A couple pieces of equipment are still to arrive, and I need to pull the trigger on insurance. As for CREIA, that one is down the list. I hope to attend a local meeting in a couple weeks, but membership will be another couple months. I bid on two homes recently. Passed on the first, and bought the second. Both were inspected by CREIA members. The first gentleman didn't know my plans, and I tagged along to see how he'd go about things. On the next home, I felt led to inform the HI that I'm studying. He opened up and showed me his reporting software, some equipment and went more into details than the first HI. While I was not DOing the inspection, rather auditing it and asking a few questions, I felt quite at ease. I have gone through houses with the nit comb a lot over the years, for family and friends, looking for things that might hurt them or their pocket books. It simply seems natural to me. The only real concern I have is getting to the point where my schedule is filled adequately. That's the big "wait and see".
  7. Den, I'm glad you're getting to play. You've done your time.
  8. Artography - Park in fog

    I like the first one. I get the sense of power, or strength. Something about the second says "prison" to me. Too many old movies, I guess.
  9. Roof Tape

    This is on just a few tile roofs in the neighborhood. Some are actually painted to match tile color. Doesn't seem to matter if it is S-tile or flat. There is damage from improper /missing flashing in other areas (eaves), but not anywhere near the two taped peaks. Repair, or prevention?
  10. New blog

    Benign.... hmmm "Agent-friendly" /"Client-friendly"?? fair, impartial /biased candid /artful, biased just musing.....
  11. Bouncy TPO

    That wondering ridge appears to atop something. It almost creases the covering.
  12. Painters gone wild

    It'll be billed as a protective membrane.....
  13. Flir One Pro (for iPhone)

    FLIR One is 80x60. Pro is 160x120. 4X increase. There was a firmware bug that made it tell fibs about the remaining battery life. Firmware update became available on 10/10 according to FLIR. (I don't have one..... Just did some reading on Amazon.)
  14. Gas detector-CO detector?

    I know. I know. Resurrecting an old thread, but.... Has anyone's opinion changed on this? Have detectors become more applicable to the job? I'm looking at a couple, but not completely sold on them. Problem being... my nose doesn't pick up on odors well.