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  1. Flir One Pro (for iPhone)

    FLIR One is 80x60. Pro is 160x120. 4X increase. There was a firmware bug that made it tell fibs about the remaining battery life. Firmware update became available on 10/10 according to FLIR. (I don't have one..... Just did some reading on Amazon.)
  2. Gas detector-CO detector?

    I know. I know. Resurrecting an old thread, but.... Has anyone's opinion changed on this? Have detectors become more applicable to the job? I'm looking at a couple, but not completely sold on them. Problem being... my nose doesn't pick up on odors well.
  3. Have a good retirement. Keep busy and stay alive. My grandpappy told me that the secret to long life is no moss. Be that rolling stone....
  4. Is this "Fair"?

    Is there a ballot initiative in Texas? It'd be nice if you could "lobby" the voters directly and bypass the powers that be.
  5. Is this "Fair"?

    Objective. <====<<< becomes a noun at some point.....
  6. Is this "Fair"?

    I ran into an agent that pretty much said that I would work for her. Had to smile and say that the client pays, and pays for a product of a certain quality and accuracy. The look I got back wasn't pretty.
  7. Is this "Fair"?

    Your Manual of Style... how's that coming along?
  8. E&O Insurance

    I read, recently, that OREP also has group medical plans. 11 from Kaiser.... Do any of you use OREP for this purpose? How do you go about personal medical coverage?
  9. Call from a Realtor

    And that bothers me. I'm new to this and, already, I see REAs looking for an HI that will go easy on the report - obviously to not muff the sale. Sorry. Client comes first. Nice rant, by the way.
  10. Outlet shocker

    "we'll get to that later, Marge...." But hey, did it test out okay???
  11. Name of Floor Framing System?

    Saw one of these in downtown Seattle, in a Big-5 conversion. The assembled monstrosity was supported by large concrete pillars, block wall and posts. The buildings walls were brick. The conversion was within the basement and three stories above. As you go up a level, the supports become fewer. Very strange.
  12. Almost didn't go under

    My wife and I had a lot of good laughs on this one. Sure would be a ballsy undertaking to crawl under that thing. Don't do it on a windy day....
  13. Crawlspace height

    Yup. Nothing less than P-100. Love the pink....
  14. Your boat

    Her history is fantastic. Right on back to the design phase. If you're interested in seeing how this hull is almost immune to hogging, read up on the diagonal riders that shift loads from the ends of the hull to the center of the keel. That and the density of the ribs is just amazing. One tough gal!
  15. Three of those windows look like the sashes were actually cut to account for the angles. Amazing. Foundation is going to roll out from under it at some point.