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  1. Artography - Park in fog

    I like the first one. I get the sense of power, or strength. Something about the second says "prison" to me. Too many old movies, I guess.
  2. Roof Tape

    This is on just a few tile roofs in the neighborhood. Some are actually painted to match tile color. Doesn't seem to matter if it is S-tile or flat. There is damage from improper /missing flashing in other areas (eaves), but not anywhere near the two taped peaks. Repair, or prevention?
  3. New blog

    Benign.... hmmm "Agent-friendly" /"Client-friendly"?? fair, impartial /biased candid /artful, biased just musing.....
  4. Bouncy TPO

    That wondering ridge appears to atop something. It almost creases the covering.
  5. Multi-unit interior air well name

    Stink well
  6. Painters gone wild

    It'll be billed as a protective membrane.....
  7. Flir One Pro (for iPhone)

    FLIR One is 80x60. Pro is 160x120. 4X increase. There was a firmware bug that made it tell fibs about the remaining battery life. Firmware update became available on 10/10 according to FLIR. (I don't have one..... Just did some reading on Amazon.)
  8. Gas detector-CO detector?

    I know. I know. Resurrecting an old thread, but.... Has anyone's opinion changed on this? Have detectors become more applicable to the job? I'm looking at a couple, but not completely sold on them. Problem being... my nose doesn't pick up on odors well.
  9. Have a good retirement. Keep busy and stay alive. My grandpappy told me that the secret to long life is no moss. Be that rolling stone....
  10. Is this "Fair"?

    Is there a ballot initiative in Texas? It'd be nice if you could "lobby" the voters directly and bypass the powers that be.
  11. Is this "Fair"?

    Objective. <====<<< becomes a noun at some point.....
  12. Is this "Fair"?

    I ran into an agent that pretty much said that I would work for her. Had to smile and say that the client pays, and pays for a product of a certain quality and accuracy. The look I got back wasn't pretty.
  13. Is this "Fair"?

    Your Manual of Style... how's that coming along?
  14. E&O Insurance

    I read, recently, that OREP also has group medical plans. 11 from Kaiser.... Do any of you use OREP for this purpose? How do you go about personal medical coverage?
  15. Call from a Realtor

    And that bothers me. I'm new to this and, already, I see REAs looking for an HI that will go easy on the report - obviously to not muff the sale. Sorry. Client comes first. Nice rant, by the way.