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  1. Crawlspace height

    Yup. Nothing less than P-100. Love the pink....
  2. Your boat

    Her history is fantastic. Right on back to the design phase. If you're interested in seeing how this hull is almost immune to hogging, read up on the diagonal riders that shift loads from the ends of the hull to the center of the keel. That and the density of the ribs is just amazing. One tough gal!
  3. Three of those windows look like the sashes were actually cut to account for the angles. Amazing. Foundation is going to roll out from under it at some point.
  4. Crawlspace height

    11" inches? That a helluva fit. I've not gone through an entrance that tight, but I've slithered under water pipes that brushed my chest rather snugly. I think you get points for that one. Did you drag much with you into that space?
  5. Light Bulb Instructions

    Haha! I made use of this operating method at a restaurant recently. My wife and I have issues with some of the bright, low-hanging lighting we find locally. In this case, I used a napkin.
  6. Screenless roof venting

    Nice little home for critters..... soft bedding and all
  7. I remember using that kind of opener on oil cans back in the day. Never on a beer, though. Guess those were out of fashion..... My neighbor collects beer cans. I think he has a couple of those on his garage wall display racks.
  8. Anyone familiar with this window trim?

    We pulled the brick facade off our place while doing termite damage removal. Had to get into the wall below the level of the bricks, which came to just under the window. When we finally got enough courses removed, we discovered that the jutting out room was a cantilever arrangement. At least the original installation hid the fact.
  9. Functioning as intended

    "Functioning as ANYthing (intended, designed, advertised)" is nothing more than just "functioning". I suppose a furnace could be installed improperly, yet still warm the building without CO sharing airspace with the residents. It's "functioning", doing its bit as a furnace, but that can have little or nothing to do with a proper installation. I'm new to this, but that strikes me as a BS phrase designed to make someone sound high brow. And, apparently, in some places it is functioned and intended..
  10. Text from a realtor

    LOL!!! That was a good one.... I dunno what yo "Kena" is, or why you want it infected, but I'm not getting anywhere near it!
  11. Who are you using for web site hosting?

    A resurrected thread, so I'll bite. I use HostGator for a few sites and rarely have issues. I think in the last 5 or 6 years, I've been down twice? BlowDaddy has been the bane of some of my friends for years. They move along when their limits are reached.
  12. 51, been active my whole life. Been hit by a car, blown to the ground, tossed from a roof, fell off a few rock walls, and generally been abused in various manners by falling equipment and crashing vehicles. I have a list of pains that I ignore, and a few special ones I don't. My worst injury, in terms of incapacitatation, was a blown C6-C7 disc in my neck that left me partially paralyzed down my left arm. I recovered without surgery, but I maintain my disc health with regular range-of-motion and cervical traction. It is necessary as I lift quite a bit of awkward equipment every day. I find that my little secret to health is keeping moving, eating well and giving my body time to rest, and rest WELL. You have to feed the thing and give it time to recover from normal and abnormal stresses. If you don't, you'll be less than whatever your best could be. If your work is your "exercise", then don't overdo it to the point where you can't recover overnight. Wear and tear are real. I think how we "feel" is important, but it should be linked to our capabilities. Together, they tell you where you are, and where you might need to be.
  13. Burnham "Electric Steam Radiator"

    I'm guessing the steam /water mass serves as a heat repository. Slows cooling in the room when it cycles off. Iron body helps with that. The add says the coil is good for 15-20 years. If it was stored empty, maybe the thing survived? But geeez, $57 in 1948.... If the radiator didn't whistle, the buyer sure did seeing the price.
  14. Raceway in cabinet?

    Sure enough, junk will be shoved in there and the run will be forgotten. Over time, it'll look like a mouse chewed on it.
  15. Traveling to the West

    I-90 through the Cascades offers lots of scenic views. Up at the crest is a ski area near a lake. I can't remember the name of it, (it might be "Summit") but the view is nice. The mountains get more steep-sided as you proceed west from the summit. If you can, take your time. There are small town and shops to explore, if you are into that. (I love to wander about....) There is a town a little ways above I-90 called "Leavenworth." Look it up. I haven't been there personally, but three of my daughters have and they loved it.