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  1. 6' Rule for Arc Faults

    As far as I know we aren' required to install afci breakers unless it' new construction or remodel work. I have not been required to install them on service panel change outs.
  2. Disconnect for Condo panel

    Our power co in Omaha requires a disconnect within 10' of where service leaves meter socket.
  3. Integrity of the electric equipment

    Are those sub panels actually accessable,or are they mounted above a counter top?
  4. Rubber connector

    After all the years of calling those flexible pvc drain lines under sinks radiator hoses,I came across this yoday.
  5. Hot Garbage Disposal

    That' impressive butchering there.
  6. Rubber connector

    Yes they do,but the ones without the metal shielding under the band's are not no-hub couplings.
  7. Rubber connector

    Those are not no-hub couplings,They'e fernco. These are no hub couplings.
  8. Rubber connector

    A no hub transition fitting would be legal around omaha,a fernco is not though. It would have to be used underground,past the footing in omaha.
  9. HVAC install

    Yeah that's a hack install to say the least.
  10. Mold Guy Scares the Bejesus out of Buyer

    I fixed the gas leaks,but told the management co/owner they had bigger issues.
  11. Mold Guy Scares the Bejesus out of Buyer

    Maybe I should have that mold guy tell me what he thinks about this basement the gas co tagged for gas leaks the other day.
  12. Sharkbite vs. Screw Down Compression Fittings

    They make a puller for the feruls.
  13. Which Brand HVAC???

    There' nothing wrong with Goodman equip. Like anything else,it's 99% about the install.
  14. Vent extension into chimney

    Well that would depend on what part of liner it's flush with.