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  1. Does anybody have a pic of what Hardie Board looks like?
  2. Gee Jim, looks a bit dangerous with that glass behind it. Or am I biting on a joke?
  3. Oh, I get it now. Thank's Jim. This is a good thread for newbs like me, who are trying to learn more.
  4. The door must exit into an open outdoor space I believe. Did I understand your question correctly?
  5. Ooooooh, gee wiz! Did I say just a few things wrong or or everything wrong in that post? Please, excuse me if it seemed like I was attempting to brag about my high mileage, second owner, used, POS that I bought to use as my business truck. I guess what I was getting at is that any truck will do as long as its dependable and presentable and is good. on gas.
  6. I just bought a 1997 Chevy C1500 with what I think is called a crew cab, has 3 doors? I paid 3200.00. It came with a new, rounded tube, lumber rack on it.The interior is in pristine condition. The engine is the old Vortex engines that I have been told run forever. I changed the brake fluid, flushed and put new coolant in the radiator, did an oil change and she's happy now.Tires were brand new and she had 147,000 miles on her. I am the third owner, I will wash her and take a pic so ya'all can take a peek at her. I named her Gertrude, Big Gertie for short.
  7. Thanks for that link Jim, interesting study indeed.
  8. Indeed, I agree completely. However, my opinion was requested by family and it was given. I explained the roles of the buyer's agent and sellers agent and the inspector. In this case the agent is playing both roles. I also told them who normaly hires who. Thanks for your input Marc, I am well aware this is not my fight and never considered it to be a fight at all. I see. it as an unethical real estate agent, and an ill-informed seller. I was just asking. I guess I must be sounding like a gossip, or a useless thread inventor. That was not my intention, I apologise.
  9. Thankyou Mycakers, much appreciated. Mark, my favorite nephew ( I have 6 adult nephews) is engaged to the sellers daughter. They have lived in the home for past 7 years. My nephew was complaining about all the seperate specialist sent for inspections and about the repair man who made some small repairs causing more damage than he fixed. My nephew has been in constuction trades for years and knows how repairs should be done. He asked me to come over and inspect the crawl and the few repairs that guy did. So he could give his future father-in-law my opinion. I am not a licenced pest control person, but I am well trained and certainly know the diff between wood rot from water damage and pest damage. when I use the defaut font I can't even see what I'm typing. hmmmmm.
  10. Correct, however since you don't have to pay for the electricity to keep 50 or 60 gallons of water warm to hot 24/7, and pay to heat it back up after using all the hot water in the tank, on demand tankless WH save money. Yes, it does take a little longer to get hot water from a faucet, that's because the water that is setting in the water pipes after the tankless gets cold. So you get cold then hot. Does not take a long time to get hot water. They do have to be properly vented and installed per manufactures instructions and the outer surface of the tankless gets very hot so it needs its own closet with incoming air vents. Excuse me, combustable air venting.
  11. I know I know, a ancient thread. Not sure if erby is still around. I can't help myself. I thought that one inch of rainfall was calculated by one inch of rainfall over one acre of land, equals one inch of rain. That is the calculation when weather men report how many inches of rain different areas were getting, got, or might be getting. Please come back erby, and correct me if I am wrong.
  12. Hey to all you HI professionals in here. I am new here and a new HI, Well, truthfully I am still in the process of setting up my business about 40 min from Yosemite National Park. Still shopping for insurance, and have to do he website thing and ...well you know. I am not here to just pick your brains, though I will try to do that too. I am actually in my first post.....here..am going to share a little Powder Post beetle stuff FYI. Here goes. Powder Post beetles are a reddish brown to black, flattened bodied beetle. They bore 1/4" , 1/13" to 1/16" holes in wood members, like floor joists, rim boards, sill plates, beams in crawls as well as posts, ect. In CA they emerge in June usually. You will see the holes with an extremely fine, flour like, powder falling from them. Holes with frass that is light in color and clear in appearance means the beetle ior beetles are active.Old holes and frass are dafk in color. To keep them out of crawl spaces, The moisture content in the crawl,,or under the hoise needs to be less than 6% . Or wood members can be treated with "Timber" or " BoraCare". The frass left by other types of wood borers has tiny pellets in it and has a coarse texture and a tendancy to stick together. Holes are the size of a pinhead or pencil lead. The Faulse Powder post beetle the frass stays imside the tunnels and usually infests wood less than 10 yrs old. Their holes are around 1/8" round. Not sure about moistire content for that kind. The Deathwatch beetle leaves its frass in the galleries and are fine to coarse, small pellets. Cycle every 1 to 3 years and moisture comtent they need is 13% to 30%.. I foumd this info by Googling up PowderPost beetle. I foumd them in the floor joosts in a crawl the otjer day. I did not just spout it off the top of my head, wish I could. Apparently the sellers listing agent is insisting they have the house tented to rid it of an inactive infestation of the ends of 3 or 4 floor joists in one corner of the house. The listing agents pest control guy said so. No use in tenting, the floor joists and rim board have to be replaced anyway because of rot from a ledger board that was installed with inadequate flashing on one end of the house when the hoise was built. I saw no other damage and no active beetles. The expense will be devestating as it is, why insist they go to the expense of tenting? This agent has her own inspector, and he must have deffered a lot of the work to specialized inspectors because the listing agent sent out a window and door inspector, deck inspector, plumbimg inspector, roof inspector and a pest inspector. She also has "her repair guy" who completed some simple repairs by making them worse, the so called repairs he made were a joke, had no clue what he was doing. All of those inspections and those bad repairs were charged to the seller. They are paying for the IMO, unnecessary tenting as well.They decided to take the agents advice and do things her way. In my opinion she is acting shady and should not be the person hiring and ordering inspections and hireing repair men. All this after one home inspection when they got one offer and the potential buyer backed out. oh my oh mu Any thougjts on this kind of behaivior by a sellers listimg agent? Sorry for the superlong post!
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