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  1. Hey John, I have a couple of suggestions for the page itself. First I want to say your page is great being that it's very easy to navigate. On that note however, it could be even easier. I suggest adding a "back to top" function at the bottom of all your pages. Secondly, your navigation buttons are inconsistent on the Preparation page (Preparation button is missing) and the FAQ page (buttons are in a different order.) Lastly, one thing that makes navigation even easier is to have the button for the current page you're viewing change color so the visitors know what page they're viewing at a glance. These are very simple changes you can make. If you decide to go the professional route later, all the better.
  2. That thing must have cost the new owners a small fortune! I'm always surprised the lengths some people are willing to go to have antique fixtures and other building materials as a part of their newer home. Just look on ebay from time to time... [:-bigeyes
  3. I like the second one... very interesting. [:-crazy]
  4. I don't even like climbing my ladder the safe way... [:-bigeyes
  5. If there was that much gunk coming off the crock, something could easily clog and/or damage that lovely new pump causing some major headaches. I would recommend short term replacement.
  6. I would have to agree this is the fastest way to do it at the receptacle end, but you must still make sure that breaker handles for split receptacles are mechanically linked in the panel for safety.
  7. Here in this part of Canada, we have the sealed plastic vapor barrier on the inside of the exterior wall assemblies and building paper on the outside of the sheathing. I would say our climate is about 50/50 even though winter seems to last so much longer.
  8. I just finished the electrical portion of my training, in which I learned that no portion of the mast is supposed to be buried by siding materials, I would assume this includes the mast head being covered by soffit materials.
  9. I have a couple of questions, How would you guys report this condition and what actions would you recommend? (if this was indeed the house being inspected)
  10. That's because we don't get enough nice weather up here.
  11. We were taught that some meters may be installed with insulators at the connection points. I've never seen one myself...
  12. In an emergency, people probably wouldn't spend the time looking at the index trying to find which breaker to throw when they can just throw the main disconnect. At least that would be the case with me. [:-thumbu]
  13. I can't recall if I've ever seen cellulose insulation around here. How do you guys identify it? (Sorry for the noob questions, but I haven't gone through this part of my training yet.)
  14. Where fiberglass insulation isn't used, what do you normally see as the most common alternative? Most newer houses I have seen have all been fiberglass, so I don't have much experience with the alternatives.
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