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  1. Hello guys, I am back at my full time job as business was really slow. I just wanted to say good-bye. I was checking the board almost daily. Learned a lot here. I have some items for sale here if any one is interested. Cheers.
  2. Not doing inspections anymore. Here's what I have for sale. They are all BRAND NEW. Never been used... Preston's Guide: 2005 Residential Gas & Oil Furnaces, Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps http://www.prestonguide.com/order.html Asking $95 Water Pressure Gauge For Residential Water Supply http://www.professionalequipment.com/water-pressure-gauge-for-residential-water-supply-wtg254ls300/water-pressure-gauges/ Asking $15 Maglite 3 D LED Flashlight - Black http://www.professionalequipment.com/mag-3d-led-flashlight-black-st3d016/maglite-flashlights/ Asking $25 -------SOLD Mag-Lite Flashlight Belt Ring http://www.professionalequipment.com/mag-lite-flashlight-belt-ring-108000115/flashlight-accessories/ Asking $5 -------SOLD Bacharach Leakator Jr Combustion Gas Leak Detector http://www.professionalequipment.com/bacharach-leakator-jr-combustion-gas-leak-detector-19-7075/gas-detection/ Asking $150 -------SOLD Plus shipping. Again, all items are NEW. Let me know what you are interested in. Offers accepted. aamirmali@yahoo.com Cheers
  3. For List price*: $196.70 and up she can stick her hands in the sink for all I care... []
  4. Yup... I AlWAYS recommend (in writing) that the panel be replaced. But verbally, I explain the entire story and leave the final decision to the buyers. No one so far has backed out of the deal or replaced the panel. But again the real estate market is HOT in Toronto (still). Houses are being sold for more than the asking price in the dead of winter!!!
  5. I heard they moved operations to Canada. The name changed from Federal Pacific to Federal Pioneer. And, yes I have inspected many new (under 1 yr old) with these panels. More on this here... http://www.inspectapedia.com/fpe/Federal_Pioneer_Panel_Safety.htm
  6. Are ALL FPE stab-loc breaker bad? I see them often in here in Canada. Even in new homes... built by some high end builders.
  7. If we are away for more than a couple of days, we turn the main off and drain all pipes before leaving. A bit of work but peace of mind while on vacation...
  8. Well, I went to the house yesterday. As soon as the guy came out, he apologized for his attitude on the phone. He said, he was freaked out when his neighbour mentioned that the pipe could freeze and flood his basement. He had just spent 7 grand on his new entertainment system and it was sitting right under the shut off. I then explained to him that my job is not to look for 'everything' in the house but rather the big ticket items. And he totally agreed and thanked me for calling out the plumber and electrician in the original inspection. They had both come in and repaired a bunch of issues. Then he asked me to stick around while he cut the drywall (with a kitchen knife) to see what the valve looks like!! I reluctantly agreed. When he cut the ceiling, we discovered the previous owner had even marked the location wrong.... off by about 4 feet! Anyway, long story short, he's going to call someone to come in and install a panel for shut-off and repair the wrong hole. While I was there, he asked me if I could show him how to replace the furnace filter. He handed me the filter and I started to remove the plastic cover (packaging). He did not know that the plastic was supposed to be removed!! Anyway, I replaced the filter for him and advised him that he should consider getting furnace service plan / insurance. Overall, he was very pleased that I showed up and listened to his complaint over the phone. Another satisfied customer... all because I kept my cool and did not argue with him over the phone. But going forward, I bet I will be looking for access to shut off valves for all hose bibs. [:-monkeyd
  9. Thanks for the replies. Here in Toronto area, we need to shut off the hose bibs in winter. I have a check list in my report on 'general maintenance' section that advises to do just that. Problem is the home buyer is a young kid (first home) and had no idea about this until he saw a note from the previous owner left on the ceiling of the basement marking the location of the shut off when he moved in. Now the new owner is pissed because: 1. I did not advise him that these should be closed in winter. 2. I did not discover that the shut off is not even accessible. Looking at the situation from his point of view, I would be upset too if I went to shut off something and can't even find the valve. This guy is not handy (he's in IT) and freaking out about the work. The reason I don't want to touch it because I don't know what else I may discover there. There could be electrical wiring behind the drywall. The previous owner was a 'handyman' and you should see some of the mess in that basement. Anyway, I will try to see if he's ok with me not visiting (because he already knows the location of valve now) and go from there.
  10. I inspected a house a few months back and the home owner was a 'handyman'..... this house had a lot of issues in the basement where the homeowner had finished the basement. I ended up calling for an electrician and a plumber (there were 220v wires running on the floor (under the laundry sink!). Anyway, during the inspection, I failed to notice that the homeowner had blocked (drywalled over the ceiling) the hose bib shut off valve. Now the buyer is pissed that I missed it and did not point it out in the inspection. 1. Do the inspectors here point out the location of each shut off valve? 2. He wants me to come in this Saturday. I told him I am in the area and will swing by. But he already knows the location of the valve now. What do you think he wants to discuss? 3. Should I just cut a panel and install a cover for him? I really don't want to go this route... 4. I always point out the MAIN shut off for water, electrical and gas. So, should I just tell him to take a hike? First complaint I have ever received (mind you I have only been inspecting for 13 months). Opinions/advise appreciated.
  11. It looks like it's going TO the softener...
  12. Looks like it's there to collect the sediments from the incoming line, and once in a while home owner could open the valve to flush the filter out into the drain. Just a guess looking at the pic...
  13. Couldn't they find a bigger pan to put there? Perhaps, they add pans as the leak gets bigger....lol.
  14. I am not saying the loop is right, but in reality only the rain on top of the loop will end up going inside the opening, no?
  15. Please remind me again why double tapping at the breaker is not allowed? Is it because it could come loose?
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