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  1. It may be robotic but someone still has to be a brick tender on the job, bricks and mortar don't show up by themselves. The machine has to be feed. [:-magnify It also looks that the joints are struck by humans.
  2. A pre sale inspection has consequences. Once the seller is made aware of a defect they can not unring that bell. If there is a disclosure statement by the seller the inspection issues has to be listed. In California I believe the inspection becomes a historical document that must follow the property in all future sellers disclosures.
  3. You don't have much recourse unless it is in the purchase contract. Structurally it looks OK. You don't like the artists creation. Laying stone requires some artistry.. Not all have the artistic desire in their work. Probably was a get done job by the installer. The good side of it all is that you can tear out what you don't like and redo it. It is a relatively small area that you are dealing with so labor cost and materials are small.
  4. Absolutely right on high Relative Humidity (RH) from drywall, painting, concrete and more. The flooring installer has to take that into account as well as the moisture content of the flooring materials being used. The installer as a professional has to know what they are doing. I can in 15 min teach someone to lay flooring, it is the prep that is a major part of the job with wood moisture content highest on the list.
  5. The problem is not with the house but with the floor. Dollars to donuts the flooring had not been acclimated to the house. Also the flooring installer had not checked the moisture content of the wood before laying it.
  6. How about? Heating system froze, rads cracked. To be a living age there it has to be conditioned (heated). So flipper puts in as little as possible. Room has a heat source and meets definition. Like in sports. Tell me the rules and I will figure out how to play the game. Seem like it was applied to this house.
  7. drivers license. marriage license. license to love. annnnnnnnnnnd license to kill by James Bond! Captains Lic through the Coast Guard. Nationally recognized coast to coast and USVI.
  8. $8K for saw + addons + $15,000 loader + loader trailer and truck to haul.[:-magnify
  9. In my real world there would be a "Quit Work Sticker " slapped on the property. All work halted till all permits were filed and fines were paid. Did the Clinton's argue that the permits were in her server that she wiped clean?????
  10. Jim, I would suggest the path of less resistance. The request/demand was " insurer has directed owner to "repair" cracks/damage" . Knock off loose material and parg over the area. Insurance not saying anything about being out of plumb or anything else, just cracks and damage. So just do what they request and don't make a bigger issue than what they exactly say/require. Material cost $10 or $15, labor 4 hrs.
  11. James, Most of the time the jurisdiction that is responsible for the road is also responsible for the run off. Getting them to correct the problem can be a long drawn out process. If this is a private road then your probably up the creak.... Taking on this burden would have to be a costly adventure to correct. Burns, catchment systems and drainage lines taking the water to smother location and directing it to an adjacent property that you would then be responsible for their new water issues and your liabilities. Unless the deal is to good to pass up you might consider the now famous advice of " RUN Forest RUN!"
  12. I haven't seen one taken down that has been up for a while. My curiosity is the development of mold and fungus between the plastic and the foundation wall.
  13. Well I would have arranged a contractor to come the same time frame as HI and bid the job. Most HIs will not consider quoting what will take to make repairs. It is a matter of experience, ability, liability or unpaid time.
  14. Whit Sharkbite I would recommend that you chamfer (bevel) the ends. A small nick in the O-ring will come back to haunt you. It may take 6 months to a year before it starts leaking. Else. well prepared ends and caution, leaves you with a good easy connection. Longevity is another question; 5 yrs, 10yrs, 20yrs, 30yrs or more. We don't know yet. I have been using them for 10+ yrs and have seen a few failures due to installation technique. PS; Almost forgot to mention. Don't forget about elect bonding when using Sharkbite.
  15. Even with pictures you may miss a lot of damage. How are the rafter ends? Just to pick one area. Then there is the question of the top plate. The list could go on and on. Then ask if the repair is to be an exact replacement of existing design. Your best bet is to get your own contractor to make an all inclusive binding bid for the work after he has physically inspected the damaged areas.
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