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  1. Another example of the quality building practices in North East Tennessee. I call it Mountain Mentality. Click to Enlarge 64.27 KB
  2. Did someone replace a switch with an outlet? My next questions are, are the smoke detectors working, and is your homeowners insurance paid? Dennis
  3. Sorry for the double post my smoke signal internet connection out here in the third world country in the middle of the great USA glitched. I had never thought of doing a walk through or walk and talk as some call it. Dennis
  4. I have two questions, one; what do you charge for this service, and two; in what scenario would you do something like this? Dennis
  5. Anybody seen the new RESPA I was told that it is a $10,000 fine if an inspector is caught giving anything to realtors, any truth to it? Or somebody blowing smoke again. Dennis
  6. Darren To be certified through NRSB or NRPP the test is minimum 48 hours. And in Tennessee and Virginia that is the standard. I see this as the same problem with the individual states adopting the IRC then taking out what they think is irrelevent. There needs to be a national standard without all the changes on a state by state basis. I apologize for the error. Dennis
  7. The radon test has to be minimum of 48 hours, Look at the NRPP or NRSB sites for mitigators in your area. I do radon mitigation in NE TN but I don't know any of them in that area. And you can buy the parts through Radon Away or Radon Control, the biggest cost is the hammer drill and bits if your going to do a lot of them. I don't get into the argument on whether it is or isn't a health hazard, I just do what the client asks. Dennis
  8. Market will be hotter when those panels light up. Dennis
  9. Just wanted to give my experiences with air nailers and staplers, I used air nailers on composition shingles. When tearing off a roof we could put a ladder up to edge and pry the first two shingles up and pull up and it would come off like a zipper all the way to the top of the roof if it was put on with staples, saved a lot of time tearing off. On wood shakes nails would be loose and easier to take off. The staples in wood held when the nails would not. As far as blowing the nail through the shingle there was an adjustment on the nail guns that prevented that and from time to time and depending on shingle had to be adjusted either by the air pressure or the adjustment on the gun. I did have some guys that worked for me that did not do it right and they tore the roof off and I held their hand and paid them their last check from me. I just thought I would share this with everyone. Clarification, the roofs were in Kansas City area. Dennis
  10. There was a house in Independence, MO that had a roof like that, from a distance you would swear there was a problem with the roof. But it was all done properly. We called it the smurf house.
  11. I have a bad habit of looking at roofs after a snow or heavy frost as I drive down the road, can sure tell which ones are insulated and vented well. And which are not. The more I read about foam the better it sounds to me, still figuring out how to handle any moisture issues properly with foam though.
  12. I applaud all of you working on improving your health and your life. I unfortunately do not have this problem due to a bout of pancreatitis and having gall bladder removed and still having bouts of pancreatitis and not being able to keep food in my body long enough to do any good. Other wise I would be right in the middle of this with you. Having read some of the posts some words from a country song come to mind ,, God is great, beer is good and people are crazy,,, Good luck to you all.
  13. It would be nice to see any house look that good here. But thats the way it is in good ole NE TN/ SW VA. We have a big problem with humidity and ground water. Just for the record I have never killed a deal - the house has committed suicide.( from being built wrong and or lack of maintenance)
  14. Because the ones he saw were done the same way and were not being used anymore. Maybe a better way to have said it would have been its an oil tank.
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