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  1. Drained water heater is really not good, try to get it new otherwise you can change its rod.
  2. It is actually very funny. it is normal fault that you got....
  3. You should get your roof changed because little bit leakage can not be detected.
  4. Obviously you can get it done, just take an advise from your nearer knowledgeable person.
  5. I think it's the fault in your anode wire.
  6. Regarding your problem you have to use Aluminum wire that has low receptivity conduction.
  7. As far as i am concerned the buildings made by concrete and steel angles does not have more long life than 60 years. The main cause behind it is acid rain. That's why steel's angles should be polished with such chemical which resists corrosion. The life will be increased by itself own.
  8. Global warming and hole in ozone layer are two dangerous factor those are affecting human living. We all are responsible for this. We will have to take a step towards our nature. We have to be aware regarding green fallacy.
  9. Heating pump and refrigerator’s processes are same in functionality but opposite to each other. Refrigerator collects heat from inside and through it outside in surrounding, but the heat pump collects the heat from surrounding and put it inside the water tanks.
  10. All devices and electronic components should be fabricated in proper manner. Wires should be parallel with different colors.
  11. You start it in the off-season. So first of all clean that mess. There is not a rat problem...
  12. It's true that pollution is increasing day by day and greenery becomes less. Obviously man cutting trees for all of us so that we can live etc... We all are responsible for global warming...
  13. During apprentiship you are exposed and learn a lot from expereinced persons
  14. Hi tmoyin i haven't come across it yet but i am also looking forward for this.
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