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  1. Egad! Please send me the link if/where you saw a sample report on my site?!? I thought I had deleted my sample. Are you looking at my site or something on Interspect voice?
  2. Yes, the software is merely listening for commands. When I want to add some boilerplate or pre-typed comments, I say, "add _______". When I want to dictate, I say, "begin issue" and start talking. If you train the software enough, it will recognize most of what you say. You will still need to proof read.
  3. I used AHIT's Inspect It for a few months. Interspect Voice has a much simpler way to add new comments (pre-typed or canned comments). Steve calls them "Quick Texts". Each quick text can have a "voice tag". If I see something that is common, i.e. roof nail heads that need sealing, I just say "roof caulk" and that pre-typed comment goes into the report. Of course you can call it anything, I just chose "roof caulk". I am on my second Dell unit. I like Dell but there is some preloaded software or proprietary stuff that messes up other software I have (including Interspect). I called Steve bef
  4. What sort of software do you use now? There are a few things I wish it did differently. It would be hard to describe on here and I don't know if other HI softwares are any better. I would say that the tech support up until this year has been wonderful. Steve is still around and I when I email him he does respond. I wonder if since home inspection has been down around the country, he's feeling it too. I think he may be working on some other software right now that is supporting his family. But...I feel fairly confident that if you purchased the software he'd be there to help you as much as
  5. awesome music...felt like I was watching Bonanza or the Big Valley !!
  6. I use the Xtend and Climb (770P) for interior scuttle holes, a 4ft step ladder and a 12' Werner articulating ladder for getting on the roof. I respect the Xtend and Climb by checking all of the red/green dots and wiping it down with silicone occasionally.
  7. my own personal thought, and lest I offend, it is my own personal thought.... I don't really want to have to wash those coveralls and put somebody else's dirt, cat poop/pee, spider webs and asbestos in MY washing machine. I have been buying the Kleenguard XP by the case, but I like the price of these a LOT better. Are they really "Lite and Kool"? I really want to believe that...really...
  8. Had this same one back when I was in construction. Threw it in my inspection kit and now I take it with me all the time. I generally use it on low-slope applications (similar to my forehead).
  9. I've got a Blackberry Bold. I got it b/c I can receive emails when I'm out and about. I had been getting emails to do draw inspections but I wouldn't see them until I got home (really sucked because several times I had just driven past the area of the inspection). I do (now) use the internet on the Bold and it's nice to be able to talk or look up stuff simultaneously. I realize the Iphone is faster when it comes to internet stuff. I agree that ATT service sucks and I thought Sprint sucked. Definition of irritating (for me): First day after getting ATT, my inspection is in an area without a
  10. Yes, I would've answered but I didn't have an @ sign to subscribe. This began at another thread.
  11. Kurt, any news about the @ sign? I would like to subscribe to some of these forums; however, many, if not most, of them do not have the subscription button. At least that is true for the forums I'm interested in.
  12. Kurt, I will begin monitoring my Carbonite backup schedule (thanks for the head's up). What types of files are NOT backing up immediately?
  13. I've used Godaddy for about 8 years...maybe longer.
  14. Wow, I'd never have to go into attic from April to September! I usually just take 3 shirts on each inspection.
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