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"The Inspector's Journal" poem

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For the host with the most [:-hspin]

"The Inspector's Journal"

Inspectors need a place to go,

Where no org rules the day,

Where issues mix with good tech stuff,

And all can have their say

A place on-line where we can meet,

No matter where we're from,

To grab some topic by the throat,

And beat it like a drum

Or just sit back and trade wise-cracks,

To make each other grin,

Trade witty barbs and smoke cigars,

If that's the mood you're in

Get help with something weird you saw,

And cannot figure out,

From floating brick and purple pipe,

To tile with fuzzy grout

Well come on in and sit my friend,

Your search is not eternal,

Yes such a place does now exist,

Here at "The Inspector's Journal"

Brian A. Goodman

Inspection Poet Laureate [:-tophat]

This one is all yours Mike [:-propeller]

© The Inspector's Journal 2004

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Wow Brian,

You just blew me away and now I'm at a total loss for words. [:-hypnotized]

You've really outdone yourself this time. You truly B da Man! [:-king]

I'm going to need to find a really good place on TIJ for this one. Maybe Mike B. can help me incorporate it into some type of permanent feature on the home page. [:-idea]

Thank You!!!


Mike [:-bonc01]

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The phone began ringing again early this week. A blessed sound after a long, dry month. Doing a solid month of carpentry did a lot to remind me of why I decided to go for inspecting.

The back and knees say "Mister please,

Go find some other work",

"Before we're worn completely out,

You aging, brainless jerk!" [:-boggled]

Brian G.

Happy 2B Inspecting Again [:-smirk]

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