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Good old leaking chimney

Ben H

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I stopped by a couples home this afternoon after getting an email from them saying they needed help. The chimney, from what I gather is a block masonry, with the stone veneer. After having extensive work done on this thing (about a year ago), a recent strong storm revealed it does in fact still leak. I really think they are at their wits end with this.

I've told them to tear all that flashing out, have a real guy re-flash the chimney with step flashing, and counter flashing that is tucked in the mortar, not goo-ed on. Maybe consider building a cricket.

I'm gonna let you guess what that pipe is stickin out of the cap....[:-blindfo

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That flashing is a real piece of work. I can not believe that the couple would be complaining about that job. They have something on their house that they should be proud of. Im just kidding !!!!

One would think that would be a one of a kind job but unfortunately poor workmanship like that shows up more than it should atleast in the Phoenix area.

As far as that pipe coming from the flue, if the same guy did the plumbing too, its probably a plumbing vent.

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