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supply line size for water heater


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I was at a house today, rancher-only about 1100 square feet, that had 3/4" copper coming in from the street, and tied directly to a 1/2" line soon after entering the foundation. The rest of the home was all 1/2" all over. Two full bathrooms, kitchen and laundry. The water heater was also supplied with 1/2". The home was on a well a few years ago and when the plumbers hooked it up to public they just tied to the existing 1/2". Would you report that baths should be supplied with 3/4" and each fixture branch can be 1/2", or just mention that pressure may be an issue? (water pressure was acceptable throughout) What about the water heater? Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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I've seen it multiple times on older homes that have been remodeled and I always note it, even if it's a one bath home. Even if all the flow with multiple fixtures on at once seems adequate, I still put it in as an FYI. I tell them that if they switch fixtures (i.e. from low flow to standard flow), have multiple things operating at once (such as a washing machine, dishwasher, and shower going) or as it ages and buildup occurs, flow could become reduced, and that the only repair would be replacing the 1/2" with 3/4" for the main lines, with 1/2" branches to fixtures.

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