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Vent termination to openings

Richard Moore

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OK. Really dumb place to put the skylight to the converted attic bedroom. It's even on the prevailing wind side. Nice for a breeze if you're into sewer gasses.

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I have no problem calling it but I'll admit having to look up and check the actual recommended clearances (old head, limited storage space).

Anyway...this leads me to IRC P3103.5, which I'm suddenly finding a bit weird, although it really has nothing to do with this particular house.

"P3103.5 Location of vent terminal. An open vent terminal from a drainage system shall not be located less than 4 feet (1219 mm) directly beneath any door, openable window, or other air intake opening of the building or of an adjacent building, nor shall any such vent terminal be within 10 feet (3048 mm) horizontally of such an opening unless it is at least 2 feet (610 mm) above the top of such opening."

Am I reading that correctly. It would be OK (IRC code) to have a vent terminating 4'1" directly below an openable bedroom window??? I realize it couldn't be the main vent as that is still required to be above the roof...but, really? Anything 4' or less, but 9'11" off to the side would need to be 2' above the window?

The blue bit makes sense, but the red seems to allow something I wouldn't want in my house, even if it was only a secondary vent.

I should point out that this house would use the UPC which doesn't allow allow any vent beneath an opening. Their simpler rules make more sense...3' above or 10' horizontal.

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Most kids BR's stink bad enough, heck, they'll never smell it......

Do you notate all your pics like this?

Similar, but I did that one just for you guys.

I'm still trying to figure out how the UPC applies to the retrofit installation of a skylight

I can't find my copy of the USC (Uniform Skylight Code), but it's a very thin book and I'm fairly certain all it says is "Think before you cut that hole you numbskull!"

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