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Solar energy reflectance


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I was talking to a Certainteed rep recently and he shared a funny story. He had a "thermal distortion" issue on a house in Buffalo where there is nothing but a 12' blacktop drive between houses. He goes out to look and there is a 4-5 foot stripe of melted siding that starts about three and a half up from the ground the full length of the wall. Turns out the neighbors don't get along and the guy next door figured out that the reflection from his car was melting his neighbor's siding. He moved his car up and down the driveway over several weeks so as to inflict as much damage as possible.[:D]

Think I could bounce enough light next door to burn my neighbor's place down?[:-dev3]

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The glass guys are idgits. The fix is real simple; stop making IG units with single strength glass and start putting the low E coating on the inner pane. This ofcourse won't happen because it will cost money to put more glass in a unit and shifting the coating will shift the U factor. Look at an Andersen window for example; small air space, single strength glass, and a U value of .34. A shift of .01 and it no longer meets Energy Star.

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