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Pre-Inspection Agreements and Payment

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OK, I'm new at home inspecting. Got all my ducks in a row, out pounding the pavement drumming up business. BUT! There is one question that kinda sticks with me. What is the best way to get your pre-inspection agreement signed and get your payment if your client DOES NOT attend the inspection? Haven't had the budget yet to invest in the super fancy software that allows you to do all that right from your website (like HomGuage) but it will be coming soon.

There has got to be a way that satisfies everyone and doesn't make me look like an idiot!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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E-mail PIA to client and have them sign, scan and e-mail back to you. Or if you have old-style FAX or if you spend $$ on virtual FAX they can FAX the signed PIA back to you.

You can set up a payment account via PayPal. You can send an invoice/bill to the client and they reply with payment, it shows up in your account at PayPal and then you can move it to your business bank account at your convenience.

Many HIs do that fundamental procedure.

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That sounds good, but I'd suggest making it very clear to the out-of-town client that the report will not be transmitted until confirmation is received from Pay Pal that you have payment.

You don't have to feel awkward about insisting on payment up front; it's the way it's done in this business and it protects you against the guy from out of town that gets your report, decides the place is a dump, cancels the transaction and then intentionally loses your phone number and calls a different inspector for the next house.



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