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wayne bittner

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It looks like Eaton Canada has what you want, an Eaton Type QBH.

Check them out here:

http://www.eatoncanada.ca/ResidentialPr ... t-on.shtml

For my own interest - are they safe?

I have no idea. They're bolt on-breakers, so that's one good thing -- the connection to the bus isn't about to get loose.

Otherwise, I've never heard of them before.

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My home is electrically wired using CEB panel box and breakers.

100 amp service.

100 amp breaker has melted off one leg of connection.

Anyone have any info as to where to find a replacement breaker would be muchly appreciated.

Apparently this product has been discontinued.



Your best move now will be to replace the panel. There's a good chance the bus bar is damaged as well where the connection burnt. You were lucky no serious fire occurred when the breaker fried up. Next time it could be much worse.

If this breaker had been working properly, would it have melted? OK, so it was loose. Why would it become loose after 40 years of service? You could end up waiting till 2011 for Eaton to ship you a new main breaker. Can you trust the branch circuit breakers, that are also 40 yrs old?

Will they still trip if they get overloaded?

Have an electrician check it out and get some estimates. You might want to use this opportunity to upgrade to 200 amps. Even if you need to stick to 100 amps service for now, you could have the 200 amp panel installed with a 100 amp main breaker.

I see CEB panels once in a while. I'm getting a mental picture of them in mobile homes, maybe. I was not aware of issues with them until now. But I've never come across those Ontario panels with the combination of breakers and fuses. One more item to watch for.

Click to Enlarge

33.38 KB Thanks, Robert, for the link.

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