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Black water pipe to tank leak


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I have a small leak coming from my black water connection at the tank. I will try to describe what I have. The leak is where the 3" pipe comes out of the tank. It appears to have plumbers putty and then it is clamped. The biggest problem is space to repair it. The shut off valve is only about 3 inches from the tank and after the valve it makes a 180 degree turn. It then has a long straight run to the drain connection. I thought of just cutting the straight run, repair the leak, and then fix the cut pipe. Anyone have this problem before?

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My guess is that he might not have come back even if you'd answered. The mission was to drop the link so that it would be picked up by SEO programs. Once the link's been left, why even bother to go back?

Alternatively, he might have asked the question with the intent to get a few of you to respond with every solution but his own. Then he would miraculously point you to a link for a product that he sells; hoping that you'll tell others about it.



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Hey Mike,

Can we assume that when a link has been removed, that the OP will not be coming back to hear an answer to his question?

I'm the one who removed the link. The question is typical of the sort of near nonsense that link droppers use. If he's a link dropper, we'll never hear from him again. If he's for real, we might.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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