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Homebuying unlikely to get easier in 2011

Nolan Kienitz

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same info in many major markets.

Inspectors must read this stuff, try to discuss it with other inspectors and form an opinion. Unfortunately there is no practical way for inspectors to talk abt the market; it is a no-no on many forums because of the politics.

I have found most inspectors really do not understand the relationship between "us" and "them". I find many of us try to be a hero by finding every flaw, code violation, liability item, etc just to limit our end liability or cover our behinds.

I don't know everything about mortgages and or HUD, but do have an interest.

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Yes, not happy time anytime soon.

I've been talking to my buddies the mortgage brokers, and they're all complaining about the onerous regulation screwing up the market.

S'funny when someone screws something up for a decade, how they complain when they have to behave.

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