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Deck Guardrail Attachment to Ledger Board

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I can't find any reference to decks in my 2003 IRC. (Is that right? They aren't covered?)

Still, carriage bolts are designed to be installed with washers at the threaded end, and if you don't have a nut you don't have anything but a threaded pin. I write 'em up if they lack washers. I hope that helps.

Brian G.

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Originally posted by Kevin A. Richardson


When attaching a guardrail to a deck ledger board using carriage bolts, is it a requirement to add a washer and nut to the carriage bolt on the inside of the ledger board?


If you've got a carriage bolt with not nut and/or no washer, it's wrong.

Kevin, when I do my inspections, I carry a stick with me that I use for probing areas that I can't reach. It's also useful for keeping my balance on steep slopes and for sounding for rot.

When I find something like a missing nut or washer I explain it softly. If the builder argues, I whack him in the shin with my stick. Thereafter he nods in agreement with whatever I say.

(Not really. But I do it in my mind. Besides, my oral retort is sharper than a whack in the shin with my stick.)

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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