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I recently received a quote from Inspetor Pro, it was almost a grand less than my Business Risk policy. I talked to the agent and looked it over and it looks ok. It appears to be a group of people who are betting that you won't f-up and are buying large quanities of E&O at reduced rates, hence the memebership thing. I have a good record and Bus Risk has raised my rates two years in a row, that's not cool. Need to move on.

Ever seen Zappa plays Zappa?


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Is your broker Ben Z?

I don't know what to do, I've been with Lexington for 15 years but this is saving me a ton.

Haven't seen Z plays Z yet; I know NMB, Ike Willis, and Steve Via have been recent guests; I heard Dweezil can play a pretty good guitar too. Maybe next time they play the Borgota in AC.

Several years ago at the House of Blues in A/C they had the quilt that was made from all the panties that were thrown on stage; I missed that by a day.

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Yes, the broker is Ben. I got him through NJ ALPHI. I also like my current insurer and also my broker, whom I did two inspections for years ago. Truth is with the market the way it is saving 35% to 40% on E&O is almost a no brainer as long as it's apples to apples.

Z plays Z was in Montclair last year, that's in Essex County. There's a theater there called the Wellmont that is associated with a theater in NYC, so when acts play in NYC they often play in Montclair also. I haven't seen them but a buddy of mine has and liked the show.

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You are correct; A typo on wikipedia...

Flo & Eddie (Mark Volman, "Flo" aka "Phosforecent Leech" and Howard Kaylan, "Eddie") are a comedic musical duo. The two were the original founding members of the Top 40 rock group the Turtles. After the Turtles dissolved, Volman and Kaylan first joined the Mothers of Invention as "Phlorescent Leech & Eddie". Due to contractual restrictions made early in their career, Mark and Howard were prevented from using the name "The Turtles", as well as their own names in a musical context.[1] The Phlorescent Leech and Eddie were actual nicknames of two of the Mothers of Invention road crew.

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On 2/15/2011 at 3:29 AM, Darren said:

Is anyone familiar with 'The Real Estate Services Purchasing Association'?


Their main office is in Chicago. My broker obtained a quote that saved me substantial money, but it seems I have to join the 'association'.


Any info or input is appreciated.


http://inspectorpro.citadelus.com/progr ... lights.php

(**Don't mind me responding 8-year-old posts. I just feel bad that you never got a response!)


The Real Estate Services Purchasing Association is the name of the risk purchasing group (RPG) we created for our home inspection insurance program.

What's a risk purchasing group?

Formed in compliance with the Risk Retention Act of 1986, RPGs were created to help businesses obtain liability insurance more easily and affordably. As an insurance provider, we act as the purchasing vehicle for our insureds. Our job is to match your business needs to the best insurance carrier. (Insurance carriers—otherwise referred to as your insurance company or insurer—is the company that insures or "carries" the insurance policy providers like us give you. You can find the name of your insurance carrier on your binder or your policy.)

What are the main benefits to insuring with a provider that uses an RPG?

The Risk Retention Reporter, an insurance journal that focuses on topics like risk purchasing, provides a good list of advantages on their website:


For [RPG] members, the [RPG] offers tailor-made coverage, broader coverage terms, lower rates, loss control/risk management programs, and often provides rewards for good loss experience, such as dividends in the form of credits against next year's premium.

An example of the loss control/risk management programs they refer to would be our pre-claims assistance and our risk management education.

It's a bit late, but I hope that helps!


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