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Drain pipe at TPRV at steam shower


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There should also be a flush valve so the steam generator can be flushed periodically to clear sediment.

Both should go to the house DWV system.

I'm seeing several nowadays where the TPR discharge is taken into the shower. Not supposed to do that either since the TPR discharge can theoretically burn shower occupants, which seems a little silly because the steam discharge can also burn shower occupants.

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That's plumbing in an unconditioned space without freeze protection.

I've read most of the manufacturer's installation instructions. There should be a drain piped to an appropriate location. They also usually recommend a water filter. The pressure relief valve discharge should be piped to an approved drain as well.

Most manufacturer's want the steam generator as close as possible to, and below the level of, the steam head. In fact, they usually want a pitch from the steam head back to the generator.

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That shows how detached the mfg's. are from installing their own products. They think the rise contributes to steam distribution, I guess.......uh uh.

When you pipe it that way, the steamer burps scalding hot water instead of steam initially; condensate runs back down the pipe, and the steam has to blast it out of there. It's like a trapped drain; you have to blow the water out of the trap for the steam to exit.

You want the steamer above the steam head. Condensate drains out the head, the steam doesn't burp, and it all works wonderfully.

(Knowledge derived from having built and installed several dozen steam showers.)

Filters are necessary if the water supply is heavy on minerals. That's why you also want a flush valve; you need to flush the sucker out. Some of the fancier models now have auto flush mechanisms because no one ever remembers to flush them.

OK, for the big dough.........

What's the little dimple on top of the steam outlet for?

Anyone know?

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