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Does anyone know what this is?


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I recentley walked through a home and found this setup behind the furnace. I am new to the home inspection industry and would appreciate any information. The system consists of pex tubing enclosed in metal piping that goes into the basement floor. There is also a pressure gauge to the left. There does not seem to be any water feeding the system but again I am not sure what it is. Any ideas!

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It's called a manifold. It is designed to distribute water to several locations and looks like it may have a valve on each line. This set up can be used for radiant heating in several zones or rooms (or even snow/ice removal on outdoor walks and driveways), or it can be for water supply lines for an entire house. Some newer houses are plumbed with PEX "home runs" from each fixture to the manifold. You will have to find the source of the water and hopefully where it goes to know what it's use is. Might have to ask the current owner or their representative.

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