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A bit of overkill

Chad Fabry

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400,000 btu boiler for just under 3,500 sf of house. I'm pretty sure the owner said something like "spend as much as you can and make the system as complex as possible and use as many materials as is feasible. Really, i want to spend a fortune."

7 zones all controlled by computer server set up in cages in the basement.

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Like the guy in this county who built an 8,000 SF garage with a ceiling fan whose blades were 22' long.

[:-bigeyes I see BigAssFans makes ceiling fans up to 24' in diameter, but I'm fairly sure that 22' long blades would be something else.

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Chad, I think we all know how you feel about boilers. So, be honest now, after laying eyes on that beauty did you have to...ummm...adjust your tool belt?

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I can't even get all the stuff into one shot on this house. This particular house was not my inspection, but my bud is project manager. $30 million, on the lake, 27,000sf.

The "energy efficient geothermal system" came in around $4mil. $4 million to save energy. For a single family residence.

Folks are nuts.

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Look at all the pumps lined up square, all the valves squared, temperature gauges squared - wow. Looks just like a quality commercial installation. I look at so much crap all the time that I begin to become complaisant and indifferent. It's what has become the norm - much like crappy customer service.

God dammit that's nice. I'd never get out of the boiler room.

I'll bet your Great Grandfather would be impressed.

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