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Why I got the job....

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I'm doing an inspection this afternoon on the recommendation of an agent who has only used me only once before... to inspect a purchase for a family member.

I happened be talking to another agent in the same office this morning about a different property, and out of casual curiosity I asked her if she happened to know why I got this inspection.

"That's my listing", she said, "and agent "X" recommended you to *her* buyers because I had recommended you to *my* buyers to inspect a few of *her* listings, and it's her way of getting back at me cause you were so tough on her properties!"

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Life can be funny like that.

I've got several agents around here who refer me to family and friends but never any other customers.

Speaks lots of words about their integrity.

Their money is green and I take it.

I also get further referrals from those family and friends too!

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They usually buy the house anyway and the agents get their money. If you discover that the house is a total POS and they walk they will almost always try again and the agent will still get their money. I would say that over 95% of my clients who don't buy the first problem property always come back in a short time with another property. For a lot of them, especially first time buyers, it's a learning experience.

I had one client who kept looking at forclosures and short sales, I inspected four houses for her until she finally closed on something.

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