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Hey guys I was wondering what ya'll think about this rusting re-bar spalling the foundation. I've gotten conflicting info. most of the locals I've talked to all say that the rebar should be cleaned up and then "butter" up the area with concrete. I can see that but i've gotten answers all the way from, "butter it up and it will be okay." To, " tell them to run away to the next house." For me it seems that it hasn't caused any problems in this 37 year old house. There are no other signs in or out that the foundation is moving(unusual in my neck of the woods to not see some movement). I told the clients to give me till tomorrow to research a little more.

What do ya'll think.

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I personally call it out as something that needs repaired.

Rusting rebar expands and keeps sluffing off concrete plus there is no telling how far in the rust goes. I usually advise the Clients to have a foundation repair company to make all necessary repairs.

It's my opinion that "buttering it up with concrete" won't work. The concrete will sluff off also. Most companies I've talked to use non-shrink grout after cleaning and priming the metal and conrete to make sure that the grout will adhere to the conrete.

From what I understand, it's usually a little more involved repair than what some may think.

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I think you're dang smart to let your customer know you needed to do some research.

Rusting metal expands. As it expands it cracks concrete, brick veneer and just about anything placed around it. Gotta stop the rust before repairing the concrete. I agree with Donald about it sluffing off new concrete until the rusting is stopped.

Google "corroded steel in concrete"

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