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Connection to GFCI Circuit

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Originally posted by Steven Hockstein

I am home and don't have my NEC. Can anyone let me know if it is prohibited to connect a closet light into a GFCI circuit. I was in a condo and they tapped a bedroom closet light off of the bathroom GFCI circuit. The closet light does not work when the GFCI is tripped. Should I call this out as a defect?


- Jim Katen, Oregon

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I don't think the issue is whether or not it is on a GFCI circuit. It hardly seems like a safety issue if the closet light goes out while choosing the right tie.

But...there is that bit in 210.11©(3) about bathroom receptacle circuits having "no other outlets".

Old home...I'd say no big deal. New home or new wiring...it's a "defect".

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